Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Paris On My Mind

Paris....supreme capital of the Arts and I am moved by you especially in the hustle and bustle of Les Halles.
How I am inspired by the majesty of the Place de la Concorde and all its surroundings.
How many times have I crossed the Pont Bir Hakeim, often glancing over my shoulder at the Tour Eiffel. This is bridge which takes me from Left Bank to Right Bank....providing me a change of perspective on life....
While you're on the bridge, look over your right shoulder to take in the glory of the Eiffel Tower. By day, she is discreet, hiding her charms until sunset when she sparkles in robe of twinkling lights.

On the Right Bank, I stroll through the gardens of Trocadero, just to clear my mind, all the while taking in the beauty of the city on an otherwise ordinary day.
Stopping briefly at Notre Dame de Paris for a moment of sacred reverence, taking in the opulence of ancient architecture.
Thinking about all the king's men who once stomped pass the splendor of l'Hotel des Invalides in such opulent attire.
I ponder the many exhibitions that have taken place at Le Grand Palais. Palatial on the outside hiding a gigantic sparse interior......
 On a sunny day I pause for a moment at the Jardin de Luxembourg to sketch, to take in the glory of nature....
Popping into a covered arcade, to gaze in the windows of the Galerie Vivienne before stopping for a sip of tea....
Another part of the Jardin de Luxembourg holds such great memories. For this is the place where one comes to sooth the artist within....a way of recharging the creative batteries...
While on the other side of town, in the Marais, the child in me was awakened by the Biblioteque Forney, a library which resembled more the castles of my beloved storybooks......
Even at night, the monuments are picture perfect and seem to glow. What a marvel, the Basilica Sacre Coeur!!!!  A tres bientot, Paris!!!! Je vous aime!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


There is a backlash to the "Fifty shades of grey phenomena." It has us all hungry for color. Not pale or wimpy tones. But bold, bright, hot, saturated colors lifted from yesteryear's neon pop art! Like the flat style of the artwork prevalent fifty years ago, we yearn for simpler times. So together, let's tune in, turn on and let the Andy Warhol vibes carry away.

Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Mao and.......our own iconic glamor girl, Aayeesha!

Let's be inspired by an era when the true heroes of the day were...ARTISTS!!!!!

With the use of flat slabs of color, this is a place where the photos take on a new and vibrant life.

It is a place where the photo becomes a drawing and together they are inseparable.

With just a few calculations, the computer replaces the acid trips of a generation and yet, still produces a wildly exotic concotion?

Our trip is not over. In the depths of the imagination, exists a strangely beautiful garden where a purple princess lives.

Or was it a wild and beautiful creature from the depths of infinity that invades our dreams......

...and feeds on our creative energy.

In this garden, a rare orchid blooms.

Other flowers appear. They are fragrant and magical, pulling us into their colorful fantasy.

Out of nowhere, a beautiful girl steps forth to remind us....

...this is only a fantasy where inspiration from the iconic art is the true star and the rest is no more than....a digital illusion.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Queen of Hearts

For Valentine's Day, we decided to play with a special deck of cards. It is stacked with only with the Queen of Hearts. After all, none of the other cards matter unless the Queen of Hearts has her head planted squarely on her shoulders!

Our lady's journey into the affairs of the heart began in adolescence. She was a girly-girl, in love with pretty things that made her feel like a princess. So pretty with all of her tender pink frills, surely she would be capable of winning the heart of the handsome prince. She is young and na├»ve to assume her destiny lies in the hands the hands of some imaginary dignitary.

The "game" has not begun. And so... she fantasizes, thinking, "a single kiss to seal the deal and she would live happily every after."

But fate has other plans for her and she soon learns there are many surprises ahead. There will not be one love, but many.

Nor will it be fairy-tale romantic! At times she found herself caught in the mesh of lust. She was more in love with the notion of love and less in love with the prince at hand! She could not see this at first!
Of course, there were those times when she was at odds with Monsieur le Prince....often taking a tumble in love.
Armed with a treasure trove of charms, she always landed back on her feet. Her suitors tossed flowers and sweet words at her. With time (and age), she learned to be discerning. Pretty faces and empty lyrics meant nothing in her search for true love.
And then, one day, she met the love of her life who made her feel like the most beautiful flower ever to bloom. She felt like a princess again. A very wise princess who had learned to accept her prince for what he was and not what she fantasize he could be!!

Throughout all of her romantic adventures, she learned that love may come or may go, but the Queen of Hearts remains the most important card in the deck!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Ripple Effect

This is an exercise in stacked multiples. Start with a photo then repeat, resize and reposition to create a striking new image. Lost in a pile of feathers, she emerges not quite as soft as first believed.

Or maybe a white Indian princess with her feather headdress.

 What happens when you toss a pebble into a pond? Does a lioness appear?

Rolling about in the black petals of a rare rose, she knows how to pick herself up from ashes and move forward. Taking a good look at herself in the mirror and scrutinizing what looks back surely helps.

Might she be the bride of a famous man-made monster? Perhaps she is simply showing the purity of her strength.

And what would happen if she fell into bed head first? Will she know how to hit them over with a feather?

When she speaks, might her message reverberate about the room?

Will we hear the rippling of her song if she sings in the hall?

Terribly organized, it's all so very neatly packed, almost to a fault, with the ripple of laser cut, corrugated silk.

It is, after all, through the simple act of repetition, repetition, repetition that the task is learned and perfection finally emerges.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!!

On behalf of all the girls, I'd like to wish you all the best in 2015.

Isabela wishes you prosperity.

Gunilla wishes you happiness.

Aayeesha wishes you the best of health.

Lana wishes you inner peace.

Stella wishes you lots of love.

Tyra wishes you a long, productive life. And she also would like to extend her sincere warmest dolly greetings to her new friend...

....welcome to the family, Elle.

Happy New Year!!!!