Saturday, August 29, 2015


Immortalized by a frozen moment in time, her image pears from out a shallow parallelogram bordered by a golden frame.

In all the years of her youth, she embraced picture frames as purely decorative objects that held snapshots of loved ones. Did she ever contemplate the possibility that her own image would at some point, belong to the archives of the past?
All of the posing and smiling and picture taking was completely taken for granted. Memories of events that happened just days before to share amongst family and friends then placed behind a pane of glass and a framed. There was never a thought that today's snapshots would ever become the future Art Nouveau for onlookers of the future. Would tomorrow's generations look back at today's images and think "oh, how romantic, ye old times were."
Would those who have not yet been born look at these images and see the anguish and strife of today's rough, tough times? Will they think these were the "good, ole times?"

Or would they simply remain complacent.  Amused  by our aesthetics, laughing at our attire, our hair or our lifestyles.
Perhaps these photos will contradict what future onlookers think happened in these days and turn their world upside down. What she wants them to think of her could result in just the reverse!!!
Oops--having a difficult time turning things around here!!!! Give me a moment. I'm trying to change my image.....
Or perhaps, our calls for help saving the planet today will serve as the catalyst for action in tomorrow's world.
She sincerely hopes to leave a lasting and positive impression. An image of her at a time when she was in her prime.
Let's hope with these images---a two dimensional flashback in time--will prompt others to dig deep into the archive for secrets of life that lie well past the frame.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Race is On !!!

Rush, Rush Rush..... Everyday, competing against the others to go from point A to point B.
It all starts out simple enough. I wake up to get my day started, but before I know it, I'm tangled up in my own thoughts, worries, anticipations, desires, expectations, fears.
Sometimes it's as though I'm racing against myself. I have a thousand things to do and only 24 hours to get all of them done. AND they need to be done to perfection. Can't make any mistakes, now!!!


Appearances count. So while I'm busy chasing my tail, I have to look good as I perform the smallest task..'ve only got one shot at this and you'd better look good!

OMG!!! I think I'm all wound up by circumstances beyond my control!!!!

But then, I think I've found a way to unwind and break through to a simpler life. And then I run for it!

Only to discover that... it's just a different version of the same daily dance.

I reach and think I'm almost there. And then suddenly I stumble......

Before I know it, others have caught up with me. They want the same thing as I and are willing to compete for it. And so the race is on yet again!!!!

Must it always be so complicated. Must there always be this rat race? And to what end? Why am I running so hard. Where am I going? And what do I hope to accomplish?

By the end of the day I make a startling revelation.... I realize that I run for the pleasure of running. I compete for the sake of proving myself to the world. (I'm no quitter!) I live to entangle myself in social interaction. And then once again, I think I see a finish line and think.....Oh! I'm almost there!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beautiful in Black

Black is the color of fantasy. No longer sad or for ladies in mourning, black is the symbol of refinement and haute sophistication.
The devil is in the details. A violent wind whips a succulent veil over her lovely face, conceling part of it, but in doing so, underscores her beauty, rendering it mysterious, irresistible.
After the storm, the calm returns and elegance reigns.
Listen carefully. You can even hear the rustle of her dress in the shadows of her dreams.
She stops to salute her royal subjects... those mesmerized by her beauty.
At midnight, she strolls through her garden, choosing a prize black rose for a crown.
Over her shoulders, a spiderweb of lace caresses her shoulders.
Oh, how she wears this with such grace and charm.
Mysterious creature that she is...
She is soft and lovely, a veritable dream of a queen!
Even in the cold light of the day, beneath her carapace, she is regal with an unearthly presence.
Pausing to reflect on her magnificient life....
She has struggled as warrior by day, defending all that is refined in the face of the vulgarity of the street....
A dazzling star by night, she returns to the heavens where she belongs.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Paris On My Mind

Paris....supreme capital of the Arts and I am moved by you especially in the hustle and bustle of Les Halles.
How I am inspired by the majesty of the Place de la Concorde and all its surroundings.
How many times have I crossed the Pont Bir Hakeim, often glancing over my shoulder at the Tour Eiffel. This is bridge which takes me from Left Bank to Right Bank....providing me a change of perspective on life....
While you're on the bridge, look over your right shoulder to take in the glory of the Eiffel Tower. By day, she is discreet, hiding her charms until sunset when she sparkles in robe of twinkling lights.

On the Right Bank, I stroll through the gardens of Trocadero, just to clear my mind, all the while taking in the beauty of the city on an otherwise ordinary day.
Stopping briefly at Notre Dame de Paris for a moment of sacred reverence, taking in the opulence of ancient architecture.
Thinking about all the king's men who once stomped pass the splendor of l'Hotel des Invalides in such opulent attire.
I ponder the many exhibitions that have taken place at Le Grand Palais. Palatial on the outside hiding a gigantic sparse interior......
 On a sunny day I pause for a moment at the Jardin de Luxembourg to sketch, to take in the glory of nature....
Popping into a covered arcade, to gaze in the windows of the Galerie Vivienne before stopping for a sip of tea....
Another part of the Jardin de Luxembourg holds such great memories. For this is the place where one comes to sooth the artist within....a way of recharging the creative batteries...
While on the other side of town, in the Marais, the child in me was awakened by the Biblioteque Forney, a library which resembled more the castles of my beloved storybooks......
Even at night, the monuments are picture perfect and seem to glow. What a marvel, the Basilica Sacre Coeur!!!!  A tres bientot, Paris!!!! Je vous aime!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


There is a backlash to the "Fifty shades of grey phenomena." It has us all hungry for color. Not pale or wimpy tones. But bold, bright, hot, saturated colors lifted from yesteryear's neon pop art! Like the flat style of the artwork prevalent fifty years ago, we yearn for simpler times. So together, let's tune in, turn on and let the Andy Warhol vibes carry away.

Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Mao and.......our own iconic glamor girl, Aayeesha!

Let's be inspired by an era when the true heroes of the day were...ARTISTS!!!!!

With the use of flat slabs of color, this is a place where the photos take on a new and vibrant life.

It is a place where the photo becomes a drawing and together they are inseparable.

With just a few calculations, the computer replaces the acid trips of a generation and yet, still produces a wildly exotic concotion?

Our trip is not over. In the depths of the imagination, exists a strangely beautiful garden where a purple princess lives.

Or was it a wild and beautiful creature from the depths of infinity that invades our dreams......

...and feeds on our creative energy.

In this garden, a rare orchid blooms.

Other flowers appear. They are fragrant and magical, pulling us into their colorful fantasy.

Out of nowhere, a beautiful girl steps forth to remind us....

...this is only a fantasy where inspiration from the iconic art is the true star and the rest is no more than....a digital illusion.