Friday, November 7, 2014

Stormy Weather

There's a storm brewing. I can feel it!
 So blustery, it began with the clouds and a giant whiff of wind.
 But soon those clouds grew darker, bigger, menacing, so powerful. What a glorious beast looming in the darkness!
 The winds grew fierce.
 Darker and stronger with each huff.
 I thought I might be blown away, there was so much turbulence!
The sky turned to black. It was all quite frightening, yet exciting!
And then the lightning came, electrifying the sky in such a creative manner. Such beautiful violence!!!!! 

The lightening struck; the winds stirred up. It was quite an impressive experience! I felt I had an out of body experience that night.
 I finally peeled my eyes away from the sky and thought to take shelter once the rain began to pour.
And finally....finally...finally....the skies began to clear. The air was so fresh. And all of the darkness seemed to melt away with the rain drops.
Things seemed so much brighter, now. The clouds were still there but when I took another look, it was if there were giant orchards invading the heavens. GORGEOUS!!!  In one's life the rain must make way for other good things to come!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

X-ray Vision

Let's imagine for a second, that fashion had guts and a body of work could be examined up close and personal to determine the structure within.

And so she slipped behind the curtain and in front of the lens of the camera. But to everyone's dismay, the image began to break apart in a series of vertical, positive/negative stripes. To be quite honest, she was hardly amazed.
Thinking her arms were perhaps in the way, she lifted them so the technician could get a better shot. The image began appearing and though we could see something was was hard to determine the identity of those masses. Were we witnessing some sort of internal growth? Fashion has guts? No, she thought. Fashion has not advanced in years. It resists new technology. It HATES the now and the future. It remains comfortably in the past. Snap another shot, technician dearest.
No bones about it, something was clearly there. A skeleton of a structure. But why is everything new always topsy-turvy, chaotic without a cause?
My goodness, now I'm seeing double and triple. But I still don't know what's under it all. 1950's, 60's, 70's or 90's...Is style simply a repeat of itself, mass produced over and over without thought or soul? Is the point only to look good externally without any semblance of depth?
Or am I simply over reacting, over thinking the concept? Slave to fashion, I am doomed to relive its history, over and over and over again.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


She's one tall drink of......
 Smooth as.....
Creating a ripple effect in her surroundings.
Not afraid to make waves.....
Moving with the wind beneath her wings.
 Creating ribbons in the sky.
But always willing to take a big, bold stance when it counts.
Looking at the world sideways and even upside down.
She's the cream in his coffee....
 And with the flow, so she goes......

Thursday, September 11, 2014


The newest member of my doll family is Aayeesha.
She is a rare and exquisite beauty.
A cross between the lush beauty of Tyra and the sultry edge of Gunilla.
It was love at first site. I could not resist her charms. I had to have her.
Quietly glamorous with licorice black hair and a caramel skin tone, she wears black silk so well.
 Elegant and sultry, dark and mysterious, Aayeesha has a strong presence.
Many stylish interludes await her.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chocolat Noir

Under normal circumstances, this blog is reserved for the photos of Tyra and her other Tonner doll friends. But Tyra has scores of 12 inch friends. And so with this post, exceptionally, Tyra invited a few of them to participate in a photo shoot entitled.... Chocolat Noir.
 Deep and dark, she looks, tastes and smells of the chocolaty sensation.
 Silky smooth to the touch, it's earthy aroma encircles and caresses her being.
 By virtue of her natural being, she becomes the essence of bittersweet deliciousness.
 Wrapped in the warmth of raw cacao tones not yet polished....
She succumbs to the delightfully intense sensation of dark chocolate.
Enjoying each and every nuance of texture, intensity of this exotic aphrodisiac.

Immerging from the shadows, she stands tall and strong....
Engulfed in swirls of brown silk, she embodies the elegance, the passion and delight of pure....chocolat noir.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Portraits of Style

Bellissimo! I am always amazed by the beauty of my Tonner dolls.
 These inanimate objects cannot speak or blink their eyes.
But somehow they are incredibly expressive.
 Giving me just the right look I need to create that successful photo.
It is impossible to take a bad picture of them!
 And yet, with their gaze which is frozen, I can take many photos without their looking the same.
 Infinitely beautiful snapshots....
 ...of amazingly gorgeous fashion dolls....
 ...who only exist to bring pleasure into my life...
...with the perfect gaze.....
 ....those pouty lips.....
 ...and hair that moves with the breeze so that I may take.....
..that perfect photo of a fashion doll.
 Sexy, sultry, sweet, or sophisticated.....
 ....they never let me down.
 ..working into the wee hours of the night...
 ..always ready to deliver the goods for my photo shoots....
...never, ever complaining...
...but always willing to look into the camera and give me that perfect fashion model pose!!!