Thursday, September 11, 2014


The newest member of my doll family is Aayeesha.
She is a rare and exquisite beauty.
A cross between the lush beauty of Tyra and the sultry edge of Gunilla.
It was love at first site. I could not resist her charms. I had to have her.
Quietly glamorous with licorice black hair and a caramel skin tone, she wears black silk so well.
 Elegant and sultry, dark and mysterious, Aayeesha has a strong presence.
Many stylish interludes await her.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chocolat Noir

Under normal circumstances, this blog is reserved for the photos of Tyra and her other Tonner doll friends. But Tyra has scores of 12 inch friends. And so with this post, exceptionally, Tyra invited a few of them to participate in a photo shoot entitled.... Chocolat Noir.
 Deep and dark, she looks, tastes and smells of the chocolaty sensation.
 Silky smooth to the touch, it's earthy aroma encircles and caresses her being.
 By virtue of her natural being, she becomes the essence of bittersweet deliciousness.
 Wrapped in the warmth of raw cacao tones not yet polished....
She succumbs to the delightfully intense sensation of dark chocolate.
Enjoying each and every nuance of texture, intensity of this exotic aphrodisiac.

Immerging from the shadows, she stands tall and strong....
Engulfed in swirls of brown silk, she embodies the elegance, the passion and delight of pure....chocolat noir.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Portraits of Style

Bellissimo! I am always amazed by the beauty of my Tonner dolls.
 These inanimate objects cannot speak or blink their eyes.
But somehow they are incredibly expressive.
 Giving me just the right look I need to create that successful photo.
It is impossible to take a bad picture of them!
 And yet, with their gaze which is frozen, I can take many photos without their looking the same.
 Infinitely beautiful snapshots....
 ...of amazingly gorgeous fashion dolls....
 ...who only exist to bring pleasure into my life...
...with the perfect gaze.....
 ....those pouty lips.....
 ...and hair that moves with the breeze so that I may take.....
..that perfect photo of a fashion doll.
 Sexy, sultry, sweet, or sophisticated.....
 ....they never let me down.
 ..working into the wee hours of the night...
 ..always ready to deliver the goods for my photo shoots....
...never, ever complaining...
...but always willing to look into the camera and give me that perfect fashion model pose!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spa Divas

She looks fabulicious even in something as banal as a bath towel!
 Enjoying an apr├Ęs-spa with a friend.
Turning her weekly ritual into a virtual fete amongst friends.
Enjoying a few "snacks" even when applied directly to the face.
 Ahhhhh....nice when the masks are removed and she can simply enjoy the warmth of the sunshine.
Enjoying a pleasant conversation amongst friends when she discovers the presence of the photographer. She asks not to be disturbed.
 But she's a bigger celebrity than she realizes and the paparazzi presses forward.

A wink, then summoned to her chambers, all alone, she strikes the perfect pose.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Splish, SPLASH!

In the spirit of master photographer, Solve Sundsbe,

 whose models are free spirits that splish and splash about.
 Paint bombed unexpectedly.....
 But handling it brilliantly!!!
Because even spatters of paint can be transformed into the most fabulous dress before...
Landing on the artist's palette,

That transforms an otherwise gorgeous high fashion photo shoot,

 Into incredible works of art that surpass the beauty of...
the mortal's imagination, the model's movements and the beauty of the dress.